NNFU launches modernised website



The Namibia National Farmers’ Union (NNFU) on Monday officially launched a new and modernised website. The event was held under the theme, “Amplifying the voice of the farmers”, and was attended by farmers from all 14 regions.
Michael Mwinga the Special Advisor to Oshana Region Governor, Clemens Kashuupulwa read the governor’s speech on his behalf at the launch.
According to Kashuupulwa, agriculture was declared by Cabinet as a strategic sector for economic growth and development. He said the sector was currently facing challenges such as severe drought, the 2015 Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) outbreak, climate change, desertification, bush encroachment and floods.
Kashuupulwa said collective actions and interventions were needed at all levels, as such calamities posed a threat to food security and people’s livelihoods.
“We are now at the commencement of the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP) that will map the way forward for Namibia’s growth and economic development. I am appealing to the leadership of NNFU to acquaint yourself with the HPP and focus on the interventions for the agricultural sector,” Kashuupulwa appealed. The governor urged individuals to support national development agendas collectively and to move in one direction as expected.
Carl Pesat from Space Dimensions Advertising Agency who launched the NNFU website said it will deliver updated content and enhance the farming ecosystem. He explained that the website would reach people in remote areas and create awareness of NNFU objectives.
Pesat warned of the dangers of relying on an old website saying it provided difficulties in communicating information to the people. He explained the inability to share news and events on time, with an old website.
“An old website has lesser consistency in policies, procedures and general NNFU marketing assets. It is not responsive to phones and it has issues of updates.The new website enables farmers to access information wherever, whenever. Next month we will start a newsletter, with agricultural trends from around the world,” Pesat added.
A calendar from the website will strengthen early warning systems, to help develop agricultural decisions.


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