Learners invited to spelling competition




As part of its aim to provide excellent education to learners, the Faith Education Centre in Walvis Bay is hosting the Spelling Bee competition early next month to enhance learners’ spelling skills.

Learners from the coast between in Grades 1 and 4 are invited to take part in the competition, which will take place on June 11 in the Kuisebmond Community Hall. Various schools at the coast have been sent letters by the centre to motivate learners to take part in the competition.

Owner of the centre, Taati Niilenge, says learners who are going to take part in the competition will be given a number of words to study, which they will then have to spell out on the day of the competition.

“Teachers always complain that they have more work to do when learners return from their holidays. Learners come back not knowing what they learned before the holidays and easily forget how to read and spell words,” says Niilenge, adding that parents also do not have much time to support their children in spelling words at home, which is why they came up with the idea for such a competition.

Certificates and a number of trophies are among the prizes uop for grabs.






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