Omusati poultry project set to take off



The trial of poultry projects in six constituencies of Omusati Region is expected to start soon with about 500 hatched chickens.

According to the Omusati regional youth forum spokesperson Immanuel Shikongo, machinery for the project is expected to arrive in the constituencies in the coming days.

It is understood that through the regional council the committee responsible for the project has decided to contribute about 500 chickens.

“We will give the chicks to willing members of community who will grow them to a marketable size and then sell them to some businesses, who are also planning to put a slaughterhouse in the region,” one of the project participants said.

Shikongo said the initiative is still at the initial stage but it is understood that the project aims to empower the youth economically.

He also advised young people in the regions that are willing to present potential projects to do so through their constituency offices. He also noted that they are mobilising youth from the six constituencies, namely Okalongo, Etayi, Onesi, Elim, Otamanzi and Okahao, to get involved.

“These are the six identified constituency that we are busy mobilising and as soon as we finalise everything we will then establish the amount of starting chickens we will give,” Shikongo said.

Interested persons should get in contact with the chairperson of their local constituency youth forum to identify a place with water and electricity where they can set up poultry project machinery.

They will be provided with 500 start-up chickens and be provided with chicken food for a period of six months.


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