HP Unam campus ‘now safe for students’



The University of Namibia’s Hifikepunye Pohamba campus in Ongwediva, which was one of the focal areas of concern for Operation Omake back in March, is now considered safe.

A large area of bushes and trees at the campus was identified as needing immediate clearing, as it is has been known to previously provide cover for criminals who target students and staff.

In years past students and staff members were regularly attacked and robbed of their goods when going to and from campus, especially in the early morning and evening hours.

UNAM spokesperson for the northern campuses Linus Hamunyela said Operation Omake has not yet been conducted at the campus, but the campus management has approached the crime prevention’s campaigns organisers to include the campus on the next exercise to ensure a safer environment for all.

Hamunyela noted that the campus has a police substation to prevent crime in general. He said the campus also has a contract with a private security company to guard the premises and added that there are not less than four security guards deployed to conduct campus patrols at all times.

“For the past few years, the campus management has brought in a number of youth groups, as well as offenders from the Oluno Correctional Facility to de-bush the campus to make the bush paths safer.

“The issue of the security of our students is high on our agenda and we’re determined to ensure that the safety of our clients is not compromised,” Hamunyela stated.

Regional commander of the police in Oshana Commissioner Rauha Amwele said the intended date of the conclusion of Operation Omake in the region was May 8, but the date had been extened to July, as some areas of concern have yet been cleared, such as the Hifikepunye Pohamba Campus.

“The campus will be de-bushed during the period of extension. We would like to meet with other stakeholders and strategise whether we can still continue clearing riverbeds in the region even after the operation has ended,” Amwele said.


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