Richenda Humphries crowned Miss Crayfish 2016

Winners… Miss Crayfish 2016 Richenda Humphries with first princess Kavena Quita and second princess Hazeldine Binneman.


The 2016 edition of the annual Crayfish Festival in Lüderitz offered lots for residents and visitors, who got to see what the town is all about, including its beautiful girls.

The concluding night of the festival was full of glitz and glamour as 12 contestants competed for the title of Miss Crayfish 2016, by strutting down the runway and showcasing their talents, beauty and most importantly their intellect.

The Miss Crayfish 2016 crown was eventually won by Richenda Humphries, 19, with Kavena Quita, 20, as first princess and Hazeldine Binneman, 18, as second princess.

The vibrant and outspoken Kavena Quita took home two titles on the night, as first princess as well as Miss Photogenic. At the age of 20 years, Kavena is a first-year student at the International University of Management (IUM), pursuing a certificate in office administration. She also studies at the Institute of Information Technology, where she is pursuing a diploma in public relations.

“I’m honoured to have won two titles in one evening, which was my first time to take part in the Miss Crayfish pageant. It’s a blessing and I would like to thank my Creator for my achievement – this is another one for my collection,” said Kavena.

Kavena, who was born in Lüderitz, said with her newly won titles she would strive to help other young women do what they love and help them build their character and confidence.

“To those that didn’t make it in the pageant, remember the master has failed more times than the beginner has ever tried, so don’t give up and remember that winners are not people who never failed, they are people who never quit,” Kavena told her admiring audience.




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