Family despondent over delayed murder case


Walvis Bay

Family members and friends of the 24-year-old Louise Alupe who was allegedly murdered by her former boyfriend in 2014 say they have lost faith in the Namibian justice system.

The former boyfriend, Jomo Petrus who was 29 when he committed the alleged crime, is currently out on bail of N$4 000.  Alupe’s family and friends feel that Petrus has moved on as  a “free” man whilst Alupe’s family and friends are still tormented by the inhumane way he allegedly murdered Alupe.

Family members said the justice system itself is not helping at all as the case has been dragging on since 2014. “We just want justice for our daughter and sister, but the justice system has been lenient, not only with Petrus but with many others who have committed acts like this,” a relative told New Era on Friday, following Petrus’s court appearance last week for the crime.

Petrus, a fisherman, is said to have murdered Alupe on November 10, 2015 at Independence Beach, Kuisebmond at Walvis Bay.

Petrus lured Alupe under false pretences to the beach after she ended their volatile relationship earlier.

He allegedly blindfolded Alupe and shot her twice in her head at close range with a pistol and then turned the gun on himself in a seemingly botched suicide attempt. However, the faulty weapon jammed and did not discharge another bullet.

He then tried to commit suicide by using broken glass to cut his wrists but again he failed.

Residents staying in close proximity heard gunshots and alerted the Kuisebmond police, who found Petrus and the blindfolded lifeless body of Alupe at the crime scene.

Petrus was then taken to the Walvis Bay state hospital for treatment after which he was detained and made his first court appearance on November 17, when he was denied bail.

He was only granted bail in June 2015. His next court appearance date is set for August 2.



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