Event’s Organisers AGAIN!


Events organisers must stop booking entertainers based on friendship and fanship. Book an entertainer based on three factors; a) Professionalism, b) Relevance and c) Genuine Talent. Let us attempt at dissecting these three factors.


This factor is number one on the list because regardless of how informal a situation may be, there are still codes every entertainer should follow. Based on these codes, event’s organisers should easily be able to tell whether this oak is the one or not. Event’s organisers must understand that they deal directly with those grumpy suited up executives in stuffy uncomfortable and intimidating boardrooms. So if you risk your account in the name of fanship/friendship and hand that gig to an oak that is known for their unprofessional behaviour, you will be out of business. Professionalism in this industry is appreciating quotes, briefings, sound checks, presentable attires, sound articulation, vision projection and invoices. If what you just red sounds like the Pythagoras theorem…homie, this is not your industry.


This factor is sooooooooo important. Allow me to contextualise it for you. You cannot book Blacksheep to perform at a six-year-old’s birthday bash. You cannot book Female Donkey to perform at an Alleluia Ministries Healing and Faith National Convention. You can’t book Uejaa to host Om-zaka’s all dance kwaito competition in Dolam. The brands just do not align. The markets are not in line. Another way of looking at this factorà it does not mean because you see Paul Da Prince everyday on TV, or Black Vulcanite in newspapers that they are necessarily relevant to the market your event plans to host. Booking Paul Da Prince for a 1970s old school party just won’t make any sense. However, an entertainer in the name of Neville Basson would make sense for that type of event. I am trying to bring forth a picture for you to grasp what I am trying to say. Book entertainers according to their brands and markets they are relevant to.

Genuine Talent

But what if Paul Da Prince is really just talented and has the sixth sense to pull off a 1970s old school party? How?! If you have been following this platform, you’d notice that I make an incredible reference to research. What if Paul Da Prince does research, combines his findings with his talents and pull off that 1970s old school show? Though, you still can’t book Blacksheep for a six-year-old’s birthday bash. Flipping the coinà this factor leaves room for un-established entertainers who genuinely loves their craft and harbour ambitions of carving a niche with their envisaged brands. They are usually incredibly talented but lack a bit of professionalism but make up for it in their sheer determination to see out an event.

Next time creative agencies, event’s organisers and individuals think of booking an entertainer, sit around the table and study their brands. Narrow it down to who you think will fit the market you want to host. Finally, request for quotes from the shortlisted and make a final decision.

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!


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