Everyone deserves a place under the sun


As winter is approaching us with its chilly temperatures, needing one to prepare for warmth and comfort, privileged Namibians should also prepare for the joyful journey of bringing the same in the hearts and lives of the less fortunate.

For some of us winter brings about cozy nights indoors, snugging up at the fireplace and enjoying hot nutritious meals – sometimes with no thoughts being spared for the needy and destitute who will be struggling on empty stomachs to battle with the bitter, chilly winter nights.

The only solace and consolation afforded to them in life is staring at the open skies at night, trying to get the most possible heat from a nearby dimming fire.

When passing these poor folks we tend to look the other way, “thankful” for not being like them and praying that destiny should not turn its fate on us to look like those.

Should one of them dare to beg for something, we most of the time ignore or insult them.  Allow me to share the following story with you to demonstrate how ignorantly we turn our backs on reality.

Some people were queuing up one night at a fast food outlet, impatient and demanding. Alongside them was a beggar, pleading for coins in order to buy the cheapest meal on the menu.

After being humiliated and scolded at, he eventually managed to buy his food. A few places behind him stood a well-known millionaire with his kid.

Out of curiosity this kid approached the beggar, asking to taste a piece of his meal out of curiosity. Ashamed, the father pulled him away, reprimanding him to stay away from such “low class” people.

Whilst everybody was looking on, this poor guy called the kid back, offering him his untouched meal and walked out. Shocked and embarrassed, the rich man called the beggar back and gave him all the money he had in his wallet.

Knowing how hard life is, the beggar went and shared his newfound fortune with all fellow beggars he shared a makeshift shelter with.

Do we first have to be placed in the shoes of this rich guy before deciding to open our hearts and hands for the poor?

Does it really remove part of our status, pride and dignity just to consider sharing what we have in abundance with the ones having very little or nothing?

Will it by any chance surpass the boundaries of humanity to part with a dollar or two to make a big difference in the life of the next needy person? Is this how we want to raise our future generations? The answer to these questions totally lies within oneself.

I therefore hereby urge all Namibians to join hands to take away the cold in the hearts and lives of our destitute brothers and sisters by donating all unwanted articles (clothes, toys, bedding and foodstuffs) to these poor folks.

You can drop it off at any of our offices countrywide from where it will be distributed to the most vulnerable groups.

Keep in mind that the sun always gives light to all. Irrespective of our backgrounds and prevailing circumstances we should always strive to apply the same principle in our lives as a united Namibian nation!

Until next time. Eewa!

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