‘Technical problem’ leaves Nored clients in the dark



A mutual response of shifting the blame between the regional electricity supplier, Northern Regional Electricity Distributor (Nored), and Mobipay has left consumers with limited options to purchase electricity over the past two days.

It has been a game of back and forth as the two electricity companies have been blaming each other for not being able to sell electricity at their designated vending points across the northern regions.

Mobipay is said to be in charge of the electronic purchase of power and distributes to vendors across the north. Rural customers complained though that they have to travel long distances to acquire electricity, as Mobipay’s electronic system has not been functioning well.

Many electricity outlets were also not able to supply electricity. “As we speak I have no power at home and I’ve been struggling to get electricity for the past two days. The problem is that we’re not being informed about where to buy our electricity,” lamented one of the consumers.

A well-placed source at Nored said their system has been down, hence they could not provide electricity to the vendors.

When New Era contacted some Mobipay shops on Wednesday, salespeople said Nored outlets have been off line.

“They have been experiencing technical problems and have been trying to fix the error since Tuesday, to no avail. Hopefully they will be back online today,” said one salesperson.

Information from the salespersons chimed with that of Mobipay’s chairperson Amos Shiyuka, who referred to the situation as “a technical problem” that Nored is experiencing.

“Please contact the Nored offices, as the technical problem is with them and their engineers are busy rectifying it as we speak,” Shiyuka said.

Nored though brushed off the allegations and instead referred the journalist back to Mobipay for answers. Nored spokesperson Herman Ngasia claimed they did not receive any complaints of problems experienced by consumers.

Ngasia further said they had not received any reports from Mobipay that they are experiencing difficulties communicating with the Nored system. He maintained that other vendors are still able to sell electricity.

Ngasia advised customers that – if all else fails – they can still purchase electricity from Nored branches across the northern regions until the system returns to normal.


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