Nantu staff unhappy over salary disparity

Nantu secretary general Basillius Haingura


Some staff members of the Namibia National Teachers Union (Nantu) who are employed as regional branch administrators are up in arms over what they term unfair salary disparities among themselves, despite performing similar duties.

They allege that one of their colleagues, an office administrator from the Oshakati branch, is also being paid for cleaning the office, while other office administrators also doing cleaning work are not paid for the extra work.

It is alleged the woman is paid N$2 000 extra as a top-up.

She apparently started to benefit from this extra income after a former colleague who was employed as a driver and cleaner went on early retirement two years ago.

They further accuse the deputy secretary general of Nantu, Loide Shaanika, of favouritism in the union, alleging that Shaanika and the Omusati branch administrator are related.

A worker who wished to remain anonymous informed this reporter: “A move was orchestrated to offer her relative an extra income without engaging Nantu for a concerted decision.”

Nantu secretary general Basillius Haingura said that he has been hearing about that allegation.

Haingura questioned why people are only complaining now if the issue dates back to two years ago. He urged them to file a formal complaint in writing to his office.

“I got the recommendation about appointing this person but I was not there when and where the interviews were conducted, so I endorsed what was on the recommendation,” said Haingura.

But he refuted the allegation that Nantu pays an extra N$2 000 to an office administrator for cleaning services.

With regard to the allegation that Shaanika is related to the office administrator, he responded: “At the time of endorsing I was not aware about it, I only found out later.”

When contacted for comment, Shaanika denied all allegations.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, I am not aware about that issue. The only way I can comment is when you talk to the secretary general. And why are they not filing a formal complaint in writing if they have concerns,” responded Shaanika.




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