MUN and Dundee seal 3-year wage deal

Deal struck… Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb’s vice president and managing director, Zebra Kasete, shakes hands with Christiaan Ntjamba, the chairperson of the MUN branch at Dundee Precious Metals, Tsumeb.


The Mineworkers Union of Namibia (MUN) signed a three-year wage agreement with Dundee Precious Metal Tsumeb after the two parties reached consensus on Thursday last week.

In terms of the agreement all permanently employed members of the bargaining unit – grades A1 to C3 – will see their 2016 salaries increased by 8 percent, as well as 8.1 percent for 2017 and 9.1 percent for 2018.

The increment includes an addition to employees’ basic pay, provident fund and medical aid. In addition, housing allowances will be increased across the board for the bargaining unit by N$350 in 2016 and N$400 in 2018. In 2017 it will remain unchanged.

Furthermore, the parties also agreed to implement a four-shift system, effective as of June 1. However, the modalities of the agreement will still be discussed and finalised on or before May 31.

“The two parties are optimistic that this system will improve productivity, lifestyle balance and manage fatigue at work in order to reduce increased potential for errors of judgment and possible injuries,” t according to Dundee’s public relations superintendent Alina Garises.

Dundee’s vice president and managing director, Zebra Kasete, commended the negotiation outcomes, as well as the team for a job well done in reaching a mutually beneficial agreement.

“The agreement is a milestone and for the second time the team concluded another multi-year agreement, which provides stability to the work environment. The company is committed to fighting poverty by creating employment opportunities and values sound employee engagement as an important cornerstone of success,” Kasete stated.

In other local developments, the northern branch of the Namibia Food and Allied Workers’ Union (NAFAU) also managed to clinch a wage and pension increment deal with Makalani Hotel in Tsumeb. The union represents approximately 30 employees.

After days of negotiation the two parties agreed to a 10 percent increment for workers earning N$900 to N$1500, and five percent for those earning above N$1 501. In addition, the company’s pension contribution was raised by N$50, scaling up to N$250.

Representing the workers was Efeninditje Haikela, while Tina Rutters negotiated on behalf of Makalani Hotel.




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