Friends make the world go round


For a moment there I thought I could do it alone, my life would just be as perfect as it can be, even if I am a duo rider or a solo rider. My life is mine, either I share it with several friends or stay in my zone.

I came to realise that just as much as social networks need the Internet to operate, so too one needs friends in life. You cannot log onto social networks without access to the Internet and the same applies to friends. You can never make it in this world without a friend.

Friends are not supposed to be options, but they are necessities on a daily basis. I’m not implying that you must not choose your friends, but raising the point that friends must be part of our lives as they are the balance we need to endure and win some – if not all – battles in life.

These people we call friends are essential in so many ways and forms. You laugh with them when happy and cry with them in sadness. What greater gift can be better than a friend, a life companion?

Let me take you back to my loner days. Just because my dearest best friend betrayed me, I decided that enough is enough and I’m done with friendships. That was when my stressful days kicked in. Every day that I had to go through felt like torture.

I was used to the mirth of this individual, whom I was so attached to, but her betrayal was too intense that I couldn’t forgive her. Seeing other people laugh out loud with each other made my lips growl with envy, but what else could I do? I made my choice that I was done being friendly.

Something really awesome happened in my life and I had no one to share it with, I know that I cannot always share everything on social networks, so the least I could do was bottle it up in my heart. That done and passed, I moved on with my life with no one to actually share my deeper thoughts with.

I thought I was doing just fine, but hell happened. I got involved in a car accident and I was hospitalised. It was pathetic, because I was in very bad shape, but what hurt most was the realisation that ever since I got admitted to hospital it was only my family members who would visit me.

As sad as it was, I acknowledged that one can never really make it in this world without friends. Friends are needed, no matter how many friends betray you. Know that they were just there to teach you a lesson.

Forgive them to loosen the burden of bitterness, but never forget the lesson they taught you, as it is part of your learning curve. Amidst all I’ve written above just make sure you have a friend you can count on.


Monika Ulitala Martin is an aspiring writer and second-year BA degree student at Namibia University of Science and Technology. Every week she focuses on a different topic to inspire young people.




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