Swapo comrades sabotaging my work – Nangolo

Not impressed… Oranjemund Constituency Councillor Lazarus Nangolo speaks out on sabotage attempts by fellow Swapo members.

Rosh Pinah

Oranjemund Constituency Councillor Lazarus Nangolo says fellow Swapo members are sabotaging his work by portraying him as a lazy councillor, who has done nothing to bring development to the constituency.

In an exclusive interview with New Era Nangolo did not hold back, as he accused fellow Swapo cadre of trying to portray a bad image of him and his work ever since he took office last year.

Asked for his view on how he has performed so far and whether he has seen some SMSes in the press accusing him of failing to deliver, he answered in the affirmative, saying he has seen the messages, but he suspects these are from fellow party members.

“These are politically motivated SMSes. These are fellow comrades who were competing with me in the race to become councillor,” he said. He added that he knows the people behind the SMSes and can point them out, saying: “These are just bitter comrades who are not happy that they did not become councillors.”

Of his performance since becoming councillor, he says he has done his best and the community can attest to that. Indeed he has done such a good job that even the opposition are impressed, he suggested.

“This is just a sabotage plot. My performance is very good and these are not opposition parties, these are colleagues within, because if you ask the opposition they are happy,” he said of his work so far.

Nangolo further indicated that his main aim is to be accessible to all people and therefore he recently opened a new constituency office at Rosh Pinah in an attempt to get basic services to the people, because they must travel to Oranjemund currently to access certain services.

He then pointed out that labour problems and unemployment are the major challenges in the constituency, saying people flock to his office on a daily basis to complain about unfair treatment at work, while some workers are not paid what they feel they should get for their work.

He said exploitation of workers is rife in Oranjemund Constituency, as some companies take workers for a ride, because the workers have no choice but to take what’s offered to them, explaining that companies offer ‘take-it-or-leave-it’ contracts.



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