Unpacking the Harambee Prosperity Plan – Part 2

The Harambee Prosperity Plan is based on five pillars, namely, effective governance and service delivery; economic advancement; social progression; infrastructure development, and international relations and cooperation.

Today New Era continues with its coverage of the Harambee Prosperity Plan, which is built on five pillars and consists of sub-pillars to form the frame or structure of a House. The pillars are Effective Governance; Economic Advancement; Social Progression; Infrastructure Development; and International Relations and Cooperation. Today we unpack part two of Effective Governance, which is to ‘Improve Performance and Service Delivery.’

Ultimately, the sub-pillars, goals, targets and actions stipulated under each of these pillars, are to bring us closer to the promise of prosperity that will be characterised among others by a more transparent government.

Pillar One: Effective Governance: Part II – Improve Performance and Service Delivery

The following strategies and actions will be deployed to ensure improved performance and service delivery during the Harambee period:

Strategic and annual work plans: The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) will ensure that each Office, Ministry and Agency has an approved strategic plan and annual work plan that is aligned to National Development Plans and Harambee within one month of every new fiscal year.

Signed off Performance Agreements: OPM will ensure that within one month of each fiscal year all Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and Management Cadres have signed off performance agreements, and that these agreements are pressure tested to ensure that goals are SMART and aligned to national development plans.

Regular reviews and assessments of Performance Agreements: OPM will oversee the review of performance agreements on a quarterly basis and assessments will be done annually. Each and every employee within Government must receive feedback on a quarterly basis about their performance from their immediate supervisor. Where performance is not on track remedial measures should be agreed upon and documented as such.

Annual citizen satisfaction survey: OPM will develop a Citizen Satisfaction Survey (CSS) tool and ensure the survey is independently administered and analysed on an annual basis. The CSS will amongst others measure response and turnaround times of Government. Results of the survey will be analysed and remedial measures implemented in subsequent years. All OMAs, regional and local Government structures will be rated annually on how they treat citizens and the results of the Survey will be made public.

Annual customer satisfaction survey by business community: It is recognised that delivery is not only a challenge in the public sector. It was therefore agreed that in the true Harambee spirit, the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) would on an annual basis measure customer satisfaction in the business sector.

During the HPP consultations, the NCCI undertook to develop sector-based targets on turnaround time in the private sector. These targets will be ready before the first annual customer satisfaction survey is carried out by end of 2016. Results of the survey will be analysed and remedial measures will be proposed and implemented in subsequent years. Feedback on outcome of the customer satisfaction survey will be given at the High Level Structured Dialogue between the business community and the President.

Ad hoc feedback mechanism: Since one year is long to wait on customer satisfaction feedback, OPM will champion additional measures to solicit

citizens’ feedback on service delivery. These will include random opinion polls on specific identified matters, as well as the provision of feedback boxes at all OMAs.

Performance rewards: OPM will during the first year of Harambee develop a performance reward scheme for OMAs. Currently there is no direct link between high performance and reward. Pending the outcome, recommendations deemed feasible will be implemented in subsequent years of the Harambee period.


On Monday New Era will publish Pillar Two: Economic Advancement.






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