Archers vie for spot in team to SA

This will be the first year that NASP is included on the schedule at the Private Schools gathering on June 1 - 5.


This weekend affords the final chance for 32 NASP archers to secure their place in the Namibian team for the 2016 NASP All-Nation All-Star Championship that takes place at the Alpine Heat Resort in South Africa, Kwazulu Natal from July 10 – 17.

The championship will include an outreach to other African schools in the area, emphasizing archery is truly a sport for all, no matter one’s physical stature, ability or fitness level.

More than 60 archers have already registered for the shoot this coming weekend with the hope of improving their final ranking scores and qualifying for the All-Nation All-Star Championship team.

The competition starts at 08h00 at SKW Archery Range. All NASP archers who have not yet entered have time until tomorrow to submit their entries to

Archers will be shooting two ranking rounds for the ranking scores and an additional round on a 2D animal face to practise for the 2016 NASP All-Nation All-Star Championship, where they will also be shooting 2D rounds.

The programme has been growing in leaps and bounds and has currently 18 schools registered with NASP.

The registered schools are:

Berg-op Akademie

Brightstart Montessori

Deutsche Privatschule Otavi

Home School Carpe Diem

Koës Private School

Privaatskool Excelsior Aroab

St George’s Prep School

St. Paul’s College

Walvis Bay Private High School

Wdh International School

Windhoek Gymnasium

Welwitschia School

Gobabis Gymnasium

Sparta Development

SKW Development

Tsumeb Development

Community Hope School

Elnatan Stampriet





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