Imawida gears up for annual youth tourney



Over 1 000 young footballers from all across the country are getting ready to showcase their raw talent and skill at the annual three-day Retirement Fund Solutions SKW Wecke & Voigts youth tourney, starting on April 22 in Windhoek.

Retirement Fund Solutions is now in its 10th year as main sponsor of this prestigious

Youth gathering, and to celebrate this milestone, the company will invest a total of N$40 000 to ensure the tourney continues to serve as a benchmark for overall development of football.

“Over the years, we’ve seen this tourney grow in stature and it’s quite pleasing to

note that some of the leading footballers in Namibia have had the opportunity to hone

their skills at this particular competition before going on to become household names in domestic football.

“For a long time now we’ve maintained that undertaking [sport] without corporate support at grassroots level and the delivery of good football mentorship and development will remain only a dream for many of our young and ambitious football talents. That’s why we welcome our continuation as main sponsor for this event for the 10th consecutive year”, said director of Retirement Funds Solutions Kai Friedrich.

Dr Anibal Rego, chairperson of SKW’s football division, emphasised the importance of corporate involvement in football. “Over the years, we’ve benefited immensely from the sponsorship of Retirement Fund Solutions, because the staging of this youth tourney would have been impossible without their generous sponsorship. In hindsight, we would not have been in a position to grow this event into the biggest youth football tourney in the country.”

Organisers are burning the midnight oil to set a new benchmark for youth football, he said, adding that SKW is proud of playing a leading role in the development of local footballers.

“We would like to invite all football loving supporters to come out en masse to join us for a weekend filled with adrenaline-pumping football action at the SKW sports grounds,” reads a statement from the club.

Entrance is free of charge, while organisers will provide a catering team in the kitchen and an assortment of refreshments.



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