Business as usual at 3rd PTA Tennis Series tourney 

Still in there… Randel Kavandje managed to hold onto second place in the Intermediate Men's division.


The Windhoek High School (WHS) tennis courts were once again abuzz  with some of the country’s finest tennis aces going head to head in the heart of Windhoek at the third PTA Tennis Series tourney of the season over the weekend.

After the two opening events in February and March, the number of players and the level

of play has increased dramatically and last weekend was no different.

Although the intermediate boys and girls have separate rankings since this year, due to the immense influx of players, they played against each other to improve competition amongst the players. However, they were ranked separately as usual.

Despite the large number of opponents, Christopher Jansen was once again the standout player manufacturing his 3rd win a row. There seems to be no stopping the youngster

from Windhoek.

Randel Kavandje held onto the 2nd spot once again to stay in contention for the overall win but the youngster needs to be careful not to allow Jansen to build a big gap at the top.

Thanks to another strong showing, Faith Kahuure emerged as the number one girl in the

intermediate division again. Just like Jansen, she now has a comfortable lead at the top but nothing has been decided just yet as Delicia Dirkse held onto second place again to stay in the game.

With Eila Kambonde out of the picture as a result of other commitments, Arnaud Marais emerged the winner in the Midi category with Samuel Mayinoti securing 2nd place. Owing to the absence of Kambonde, Marais and Mayinoti closed the gap at the top making the constellation ever so interesting.

In the Advanced category, Cleet Farmer recorded his 3rd victory in a row after the defending champion edged past Godwin Husselmann and Brandon Maasdorp to take the win and build on his lead on top.

Next month will be exciting for the Academy, as coach Van Wyk travels to Hilton Head Island in the United States of America to visit the Van Der Meer Tennis Academy while attending the doubles and adults coaching clinics.

He will also have the opportunity to shadow and coach with professional coaches at the

Academy. As it stands, the revered Van Der Meer Tennis Academy features coaches such as Elizma Nortje (Namibia) and Wayne Ferreira from South Africa.

Since Van Wyk will be in the USA for the month of May, no coaching sessions will take

place during his absence. He will be back in full swing again in June.



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