Son butchers father, buries him behind house




A 24-year-old man from Ndama location in Rundu is set to appear in the Rundu court today after he was arrested for hacking to death and burying his father.

Police say the young man, who cannot be identified before he appears in court, was home alone with his father when he killed him and buried him behind their home on Saturday. Police identified the deceased as 49-year-old Simon Mangundu Mukonka, a soldier at Rundu military base.

“The suspect is arrested and detained at the Rundu police charge office. He will appear in court on Monday,” said police chief inspector Ewald Kavara of the police in Rundu.

The young man is said to have hacked his father with a machette several times on the head and chin, almost cutting off the lower jaw. He then dug a knee-deep hole next to the house where he buried the corpse, along with some bloodstained sheets. He is said to have raked the yard to cover up the ugly deed.

He has been charged with murder read with provisions of the Domestic Violence Act and for defeating the course of justice for hiding evidence.

Family members were still at a loss for words as no one could grasp what led to the young man killing his father in such a savage manner.

The young man’s mother and younger brother discovered the murder when they came home and could not find Mukonka in the house.

After a search they discovered bloodstains in the house and a bloodstained mattress turned upside down. They then notified the police who discovered the buried body of Mukonka.


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