Kashipu brand releases new designs


Striking out… Kashipu, one of Namibia’s local brands, has released its new generation of designs. The new designs consist of T-shirts, vests, jerseys, straight caps, girls tops and throw backs. Since its inception in 2014, Kashipu, which means “it is not easy” in Oshiwambo, has sponsored several events in the north such as Miss Ongwediva Trade Fair 2015, Miss Opuwo Expo 2015, Miss Okapya 2014, Miss Entrepreneur, Miss Uukule 2015 and Miss Nehale 2015. “We are planning to host a charity event with the orphans from the SOS Orphanage in Ondangwa and we will continue sponsoring events countrywide. The brand will participate in this year’s Local Brand Festival scheduled for June in Windhoek,” says the brand owner, young entrepreneur Sandro Ithana. In the photo models show clothing by Kashipu.


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