‘Vultures’ to blame for land mess


There are vultures whose forte has always been to take cruel advantage of the destitute, the needy, the infirm, the elderly, orphans and the weaklings in general. Vultures have become commonplace. The situation is aberrant, and they soar at many levels of government and state-owned enterprises.

Most of them have amassed wealth not commensurate with what they officially earn. Their dealings are either underhand or nocturnal in nature. That is the way they have amassed their wealth. That is the way they have been operating. Society also seems to have collectively resigned itself to these miscreants who should be removed from society where they have caused untold pain.

It is because of the nocturnal dealings of these crooks, these stone-faced, shameless sharks that we have the current land “crisis” that recently reared its ugly head at Walvis Bay, where the restless landless were involved in riotous behaviour. It is a screaming shame these nefarious activities have so pervaded some village councils that you find members of one clan allocated ten or fifteen plots, while others are forever condemned onto the so-called ‘waiting’ list.

Cases abound of land bought in the morning for a song and sold for several millions of dollars several hours later in underhand deals struck at midnight.

Regrettably, this has become a reality – absurd and sad as it is.

If you are lucky enough to be allocated land, you will find the same piece of land was oddly doubly allocated to a second or even a third person by these vultures camouflaged in dark suits and ties. They artificially create a land shortage so that they can in the end solicit bribes because it is the way they operate – thriving on bribes.

It appears the only people these characters could serve without demanding a bribe are their brothers, their sisters, their cousins, their uncles, their aunties, their cronies and sidekicks. Exclusion has become the order of the day when it comes to allocation of residential land.

Despite these selfish charlatans claiming to represent government for the people, the opposite is true because they are there to feather their nests.

They hate the poor, they hate those not related to them because how else would one classify this sheer cronyism, this patronage, this pork barrelling?

Our President Hage Geingob does not condone corruption and hates cronyism and the politics of patronage. That is why he initiated his widely commended Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP) to ensure prosperity for all.

Improved access to serviced land and housing is a key component of HPP. It is the civic duty of each and every Namibian to expose this evil of corrupt land allocations and other evils that could potentially torpedo the HPP.




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