R&B sensation Paul Da Prince, an oxygen into  entertainment




Paul Munanjala, aka Paul Da Prince, is one of the new name breathing life into the local entertainment scene.  Noticeable almost everywhere, Paul is fast becoming Namibia’s favourite entertainer whether on stage , on TV and Radio, or as DJ Paul, definitely he  knows how to keep it on lock.

Besides being an entertainer, he is an electronic media graduate from the University of Namibia.  Some might have seen him hosting the weekly entertainment show – Whatagwan on NBC, and other numerous events as well as gracing various platforms over the past 12 months, including last year’s Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs), DStv’s “Kumwesu” and the Trey Songz concert.

The 24 year-old Zambian born artist does not only have a cluster of talents but is proving  unstoppable. With the recent released of self-titled debut album, we caught up with the star to chat about his personal and private interests, music and his future plans.

“Paul Da Prince (Paul Munanjala) is a go getter; I wouldn’t really say there’s an alter ego, just an ambitious young man who is always ready for a challenge. I basically do what I can get my hands on. Apart from the singing, TV and Radio presenting, DJ and MC, I am also a part time videographer, video editor, dance choreographer, voice over artist and sound engineer. I am always open to learning new things and experiencing life the best way possible,” he lets you into his personal world.

 His mother mom used to say presentation is everything and that is why he takes his image seriously. “It is very important to me because I get lots of messages from around the country from people saying I inspire and motivate them, so I make sure I am a good example so as to foster a good relationship between me, clients and fans,” he further provides a peep into his self.  “To be honest I love all the tracks, but since you have asked me to pick a few, I go for the ‘Intro’ because it was straight from the heart and I recorded it last. I also love ‘Up to You’ featuring Floritha because many people go through relationships thinking or feeling that they are not enough, but there is hope if both parties want to work their problems out,” he reveals his likings of his debut album adding that the third song he picks is Raindrops featuring Bertholdt because that is the kind of R&B he always listened to over the years. He further loves the song 2 Bad featuring Y.T having with it into a West African vibe although hilarious but thoroughly enjoyable. He also loves Addicted featuring Anthony Faulkner because having someone from the United States of America on his first big project left him in a state of euphoria. “But I genuinely and honestly love all the songs because writing the songs and working with producers from around Africa, and the UK, was the best experience of my life and I am proud and thankful for the work and support from all my friends, featured artists and fans,” says the singers.

The album is inspired by the life stories of young people, relationships and just everyday situations usually involving ladies. It took time because he was trying to discover his sound and ended up with a variety of genres that sounded brilliant together. He also took his time because he wanted to work with the right producers to create a product that is marketable in the country and beyond borders.

Having worked with Oteya, Floritha and Adora which was an honor, I think I would like to team up with Ann Singer,” says about collaboration with some of the artists on the album.

Among Paul Da Prince’s major influences are the King of Pop Michael Jackson, Usher, Trey Songz, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, and Lira from South Africa. “My father has always supported all my work. He attended my first singing competition and purchased a project I release in 2011 titled ‘812’, he always believes in me and although he doesn’t say it, he shows it and that is the most important thing to me,” says he about those who inspired him into his music career.

Pleasing all and sundry is one of the challenges the artist cites in his career having also learnt that in this cut-throat world of music, being liked by everyone is farfetched dream and not a reality. “I have learned to stay focused and appreciate the simple things in life especially the people that love you the most. I have learned to believe in myself and ignore the naysayers but carry positive criticism with me because it builds,” he philosophises.

In his free time Paul Da Prince lovingly does movies, series, his Xbox One (whom she Tinashe), football, making music, comedy, cooking, reading and catching up with friends. And he is hooked, love-wise, for those who may overstretch and mistake their liking for music into a personal infatuation. “A lot of people say I am boastful or cocky, but I am really not like that once you talk to me. I have also heard one going around that I am gay, not true!,” he says about whatever rumours mayn have been doing the rounds about him. The first woman collab choice in the industry for the lad who was going to study education before his father realised his love for music is Dillish Matthews. Given his love for music his old man persuaded him to follow Electronic Media and Drama at the University of Namibia;. I am proud to say I am finally a graduate,” says he.

You can expect more music videos, features and a whole lot of other projects that I cannot mention at the moment with the fear of jinxing myself (lol). But yes, expect more growth, more love and more fun from someone who truly appreciates each and every one who has welcomed me with open arms and supported me through this journey that we are undertaking together,” Paul share his future plans.

Humbled, overwhelmed and thankful to everyone who supports and loves what he does hoping that what he does is for everyone and to inspire others out there, are his last reflections with a caveat “don’t give up; a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Please remember that there is only one you, so be the best you that you can be. God bless you all.” Find Paul on social media via his handle @pauldaprince or check out his website www.pauldaprince.com  to stream his album for free.



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