My predictions: NAMAs 2016


If I happen to get any of the predictions wrong, just as the case with my 2015 predictions kindly send me an e-mail at and I will send you two pin (TN Mobile ONLY)…LOL!

Song of the year: Flips a coin…and Shuukifa Kwii takes it!

Best Musical Event of the Year: Makurunganga – Katondo CD Launch because they managed to get PDK to perform at their event. PDK R A R E L Y performs at events. No really, R A R E L Y!

Entertainment DJ of the Year: Taxi corner #Coughs I mean Leizy DeMaestro

Entertainment Journalist of the Year: AGAIN, ANYBODY BUT Gordon Joseph!

Best Live Performance of the Year: Lize Ehlers has been nominated for the 2nd year running in this category which simply means that she has been consistent. BUT, my prediction will favour VM6!

Radio Song of the Year: Last year I predicted a GMP artist, Blacksheep will take it. This year, I am going to stick with the stable as “Oshimaliwa” was a huge radio hit!

Best Male Artist of the Year: Two words, BIG BEN!

Best Female Artist of the Year: Funny how last year I predicted a Damara Punch artist (Bulan) will take this one…think I am going to stick with my people from Khorixas and root for the opposite sex of a Male Donkey. J

Best Album of the Year: Say:  “WE ARE R.O.C.K.A.Z?” #Crickets… Not this year boet. Ousi Freeda this one is yours.

Best Soukous/Kwasa: Waka your already driving your ka-Golf. Wag meneer. This one is for Ama-Daz-Floor!

Best Single: “…Already…already situation is…” #Singing

*Best Rock / Alternative: The Dotcomz: The Night (Baainaar tendencies)

Best Rap/Hip-Hop: Last year my response to this category was “LOL”, this year…its still “LOL”. Unfortunately, no one’s laughing.

Best RnB: No, Desmond has not been nominated this year. Who’s Desmond? Sigh. Namibians…mxii.

Best Oviritje: I have to give it to Diop…this chap does not give up! From being deported to being nominated? Neh meneer, this year…this one is yours!

Best Song with a Message: Last year I advocated for Mawela’s “I feel your pain”. A song that addresses GBV. I think I want to change my focus and talk about Better Days. After all…Harambee povi?

Best Newcomer: 3DB because Jacob will give me gigs buh LMPC’s got Ogopa. And they got humongous gigs sooooo, LMPC!!! #SulaYouBetterCallMeForTheNextMCGig

Best Music Video: KK, go get em’ son!

Best Kwaito: Lets try this one more time… SAY “WE ARE R.O.C.K.A.Z”… #WeAreRockaz!

Best House: Dj Xavi! #GoFigure

Best Duo/Group: What happens when you subtract 1 from 23?

Best Gospel: Man, can we not ban D-Naff from this category huka? N.I.A step up son!

Best Damara Punch: Bruh…I only know Female D in this category so…um GO FEMALE D!

Best Collaboration: Again, we are looking for better dayz! Harambee!

Best Afro Pop (inclusive of Township Disco): The ninjas from Rundu will take this one! #TKB

Best Afrikaans: It would’ve been soooooo dramatic if Ixa were to be nominated. Than it could’ve been the ultimate battle between him and S-Man. In the absence of Ixa, S-Man will stay the King of the south with this 1.


Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!


Song of the week:Shaeto: Fast Car ft. Lil Fazi & Jeff A.D

Flop of the week:  Skinny Boy G: All about me


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