An Open Letter to Boxing Promoter, Kiriat Kamanya

Mind your steps… Kiriat Kamanya, Chairman: Salute Boxing Academy     

Dear Mr Kamanya, yours truly is writing to you in your capacity as the designated Executive Chairman of Salute Boxing Academy, seeking to clarify certain issues with regard to your apparent self-declared axe you have to grind with the author.

It’s my sincere obligation to make you aware that I’m not a COWARD and have never been one, above all, I’ve absolutely no intention whatsoever to become somebody’s YES MAN!!.

It has never been my style, neither my slightest beat, responding to baseless accusations primarily aimed at tarnishing other people’s reputations and diminishing their dignity.

Nevertheless, persisting unsubstantiated claims levelled against my person by rookie boxing promoter, one Kiriat Kamanya, can no longer be tolerated and left unchallenged, simply since my integrity is at stake.

The flamboyant self-styled boxing guru (Kamanya) has made it his sole beat to constantly bad-mouth me in my capacity as Sports Editor of New Era, accusing me of bias or rather deliberate negative reporting towards his stable, Salute Boxing Academy.

In his own admission, aided by a total misguided misinterpretation of justice and obvious misunderstanding of freedom of expression, the brother has resolved to climb bare-knuckled into my uncompromising style of reporting, accompanied by aggressive analyses on the amateurish fashion in which his stable organizes supposedly high-profile boxing bouts.

Kamanya believes New Era Sport, under my stewardship, is quite sympathetic while demonstrating a bit of a kind hearted-approach towards his ostensible bitter rivals, the Nestor Sunshine Tobias Boxing and Fitness Academy, for reasons only known to him.

For starters, yours truly does seriously not and I’m damn sure many of you would scorn to own me in a lie, if I dare admit that I cannot fathom how the two boxing stables can be considered rivals because they are worlds apart, certainly not in the same league. You just can’t compare bananas with potatoes!!.

There’s an old adage that a newborn baby must first crawl then walk before it can start running.

Brother K, with all due respect, your institution is still in the infant stages in dire need of refinement, plenty for that matter, to undergo before it starts rubbing shoulders with an establishment that enjoys international recognition such as Sunshine’s global renowned Academy.

HELLO!! We speak about a bloke that has promoted high profile international bouts, let alone producing three world champions in different weight categories.

This includes dozens of continental champions under his guidance – does that ring a bell Mr Don King? Oops!! Sir Kamanya. Being a former professional boxer himself, it should be well consumed that Bra Sunshine has been there and seen it all.

Lest we forget, we are talking about a well-respected much adored promoter here that conducts his business strictly by the book and not trying to feed boxing enthusiasts and sports scribes with half-fermented beer, in a desperate bid to falsely entice unsuspecting boxing fans.

Just in passing, Sir Kamnaya, could you please be so kind and explain in detail to the nation as to what happened to the much-trumpeted Tyson Ushona’s non-title bout against Ghanaian opponent Justice Addy? I’m just asking.

Subsequently, add the ensuing brouhaha on the embarrassing eleventh hour withdrawal or rather no-show of Abraham Ndaendapo’s opponent on the same bill, and one has a genuine Boswell Wilkie Circus in full swing.

Tate Kiriat, my genuine advice to you is simple: leave journos in peace to carry out their functions free from harassment, try to spend few juffies on acquainting yourself with the finer points of the sport you so dearly claim to love and are prepared to die for.

I’m damn sure small details such as adequately knowing the difference in weight categories is an essential component of boxing and could come in handy for your choice in picking your preferred candidates for your boxers. I rest my case.














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