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Let’s all face it and admit that school is not that ideal place for us to actually spend more than a third of our yearly days. More so for those that are lazy and those that are much more of outgoing people, for bibliophiles it is a different case because they enjoy doing this. But there are several whys and wherefores that no matter what school make us go through, we stick about even when we have piles of school work draining us out, and may feel too abundant, tiresome and never-ending. There is simply one explanation for this and it is the compelling fact that “school is life.”

School is a platform to upgrade and go levels in life. Before you give up on school think of why you are able to read this article with ease and not stumble over the words. It is because of school that our vocabularies are spot on and we can intermingle with anyone from all walks of life. Nowadays we can speak several languages and to what do we owe this? Some may say it is because of exposure to people of different vernaculars but frankly school prepared you for this. If English was not adopted as an official language, then I guarantee that this world would have been a hell of chaos, but now we can shamelessly walk the ground and place our orders wherever in the world.

School is the realisation of big dreams and this is where we get acquainted with ideas on how to fulfill our dreams, and live the lives we admired from within or by inspiration. You may have inner abilities to do things or literally born smart but you still need school to polish, bring forth and enhance your abilities to the level where it can be of use to the country or the world at large. Life also has an elevator if I may say, school is the elevation of life, all you got to do is create the button of the desired destination, and the sky shouldn’t be the limit.

In short there is nothing that school hasn’t given us. Think of friends that you always have fun with, aren’t most of them the result of school? School is a human’s best friend, if I had it my way I would personally acknowledge the person who was so innovative enough to come up with school. Here we are taught of the way of life, logic, standards and acceptable morals that we should live by, not only that but we are all given opportunities to create our own fortunes regardless of our backgrounds.

Knowledge is power, and education is the best tool for social change, economic development and individual and national prosperity. Advantages of education are broad to be all listed and so the least I can do is leave the ball in your court fellow Namibians, take advantage of the opportunity that is there for taking. Education fruits are always worth the effort.

Monika Ulitala Martin, an aspiring writer. Second year student at the Namibia University of Science and Technology, working towards a bachelor of English degree. According to her nothing feels better than writing to inspire and entertain others, because you never know who might need it or perhaps whose life you are changing. Every week she is focusing on a different topic to inspire fellow young people.




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