Namibia’s official statistics in new hands


Since the beginning of April 2016 Namibia has a new Statistician-General. His name is Alex Shimuafeni, who took over the hot seat after his tenure at the Namibia Broadcasting Corporation.

Most of you will remember that the first Statistician-General of the Namibia Statistics Agency was Dr John Steytler, who now plies his trade as the President’s economic advisor. There is no doubt, and I am sure many will agree, that the leadership of Dr Steytler elevated Namibia’s statistics to another level.

When the NSA was established in 2011 and started operating in 2012, there was a huge gap in the statistical arena of our country. It is no secret that many researchers, economists, businesspeople, students and others were in search of statistics that they thought should be available but were not.

All, if not most, of this changed when the NSA was created and Dr Steytler was put in charge of the agency. His expertise and experience in the world of research and economics gave him an excellent idea on what is required. He certainly laid an excellent foundation for the delivery of statistical data, which is evident still today.

The Namibia Statistics Agency surely benefited greatly from Dr Steytler’s expertise and this is evident even after his departure and it really should not surprise us that he was called upon to serve the nation from higher platform.

We at the Statistics Agency are happy that we finally have our own Statistician-General. Looking at the performance of many enterprises it becomes clear that if the leadership vacuum is sustained for too long, gaps start developing and the effectiveness and operational efficiencies are affected.

Namibia’s official statistics are now in the hands of another potential great leader. Shimuafeni brings with him more than 15 years of executive and management experience. He was employed as the chief commercial officer of the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) and was part of the NBC transformation team.

He also served as senior manager for operations and business development at the National Housing Enterprise (NHE) and as group manager for market research and intelligence at First National Bank (FNB) Namibia, where he was a co-founder of the first ever housing index within the financial sector of Namibia.

He was also a market research and promotions manager at Telecom Namibia. For those that might not know, Shimuafeni was a chief statistician in the early days of his career at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, as well as head of price statistics at the then Central Bureau of Statistics.

We are hence certain that he is not only the right person to lead the NSA, but that he has actually just come back home. Just as the nation gave their full support and endorsement to Dr Steytler, we would like to request you all to cooperate with and give your full support to our new Statistician-General Shimuafeni.

It is not easy to collect, produce and disseminate statistics. As in the past, this requires massive cooperation from everybody involved and the public should continue supporting and requesting the NSA to march forward in its quest to provide statistics that are fit for development.

We have no doubt that you shall continue to do so. So help us welcome our new Statistician-General and wish him all the best with this massive responsibility of ensuring that our figures remain correct and relevant. We thank you all in advance.

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