Female murder accused denied bail

Susan Nelumbu, 46, who faces a charge of taking the life of Nuugwanga Ndanyengwa Alugodhi.


The woman accused of stabbing another woman to death on Tuesday night was denied bail when she made her first appearance in the Oshakati Magistrate’s court yesterday.

The fatal stabbing took place after the victim apparently approached the suspect to ask why she was spreading rumours that she (the victim) was living in sin with the father of her (the suspect’s) six-year-old child.

The accused is 46-year-old Susan Nelumbu who appeared before magistrate Helena Ekandjo on a charge of murder.

The case was remanded to June 16 for further investigations and for the accused to enlist a lawyer because of the gravity of the offence.

Yesterday Nelumbu was not asked to plead.

State prosecutor Granny Paulus objected to bail being granted due to the seriousness of the crime, as well as because investigations were still at a preliminary stage.

Nelumbu is accused of stabbing 30-year-old Nuugwanga Ndanyengwa Alugodhi to death in a confrontation over alleged rumours that Nelumbu had allegedly spread.

Alugodhi was stabbed four times with a kitchen knife, twice in her back and twice in the side of her body.

The incident happened at Onampila village cuca-shops in Omusati Region.

Nelumbu allegedly spread rumours that Alugodhi had been cohabitating with the father of her six-year-old child, which led to the confrontation.

“They were at one of the cuca shops, however the owner asked them to leave to have their confrontation elsewhere,” said an eyewitness.

Alugodhi followed Nelumbu to a cuca-shop where she found her armed with an iron bar as well as a knife.

Nelumbu is said to have been the bartender at the said bar.

Onlookers narrated that Nelumbu stabbed Alugodhi and after the fourth stabbing Alugodhi fell to her knees and succumbed to her injuries.

‘You stabbed me in the back, you stabbed me again on the side’ were Alugodhi’s final words.

“Nelumbu then moved to sit on a chair with her bloody knife in her hand until two hours later when the police arrived,” said an eyewitness. – Additional reporting by Loide Jason




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