Attacks on indiscrete lovers on increase



The Windhoek City Police have once again cautioned people not to have sex in the bushes, following an attack on a young man on Sunday evening, which left him with severe stab wounds.

The incident happened in the open veld near Donkerhoek in Katutura where a man and woman were found in a compromising position when attackers pounced on them. The woman ran to nearby houses to seek help and an ambulance was soon called to the scene of the attack.

City Police Chief Abraham Kanime confirmed the incident. According to Kanime the victims were having sex in a vehicle when three suspects attacked them. The man in the vehicle was stabbed on the arm and the buttocks.

“He was admitted to Katutura Hospital, but was later transferred to Central Hospital,” the police chief stated. Kanime said such incidents have become a regular occurrence.

He said people often go to isolated places, such as Lover’s Hill, the Western Bypass, the area around Von Eck power station and a certain secluded area in Khomasdal’s new extension, for their late night rendezvous.

“The danger of this is that it is unsafe. You can be attacked while found in an awkward position. You can be robbed and the woman can be raped,”
he warned.

Kanime further warned people not to do such things in the field, as it creates a difficult situation for the police to investigate. “We’re now investigating things that can be avoided. Go to a decent place,” Kanime remarked.

He suggested that victims of such crimes tend not to register cases with the police, as they may have been with other people’s partners at the time, or because they are married and would not want their wives or husbands to find out about their indiscretions.

Alternatively, some of these late-night escapades involve prostitutes, which is one of the reasons such crimes are not being reported.

“They (victims) only come to the police when there is no other way, like when officers have to provide them with clothes, or when their car tyres are damaged. What are they going to tell their family? So, they call the police instead,” Kanime said.

City Police warned members of the public in 2014 to refrain from going to secluded places for romantic encounters, following the killing of an elderly married man, who was attacked and stabbed while having intercourse with his young lover in Khomasdal.


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