Namib Poultry Industries training centre launched



Namib Poultry Industries launched its training centre at the chicken farm on the route to Okahandja on Wednesday at a cost of N$1.287 million.

The company’s development programme was initiated in 2013 with the aim to create an environment and opportunity for sharing of skills and knowledge as well as enable entrepreneurs to use these skills in business to better enrich their lives, says Ashante Manetti, the public relations, corporate social responsibility and stakeholder coordinator.

The different categories of training include outlet development, outlet equipment, promotions, customer education, demonstrations, sampling and skills development.

“In all these categories, we have found a way to develop our customers, to help develop their SME businesses, educate our consumers and develop a skill set that is already being used on a daily basis and in everyday lives,” said Jacobus Henn the market development manager

“The training facility will be used to educate and enhance skills within the economy and also facilitate training to informal market kapana cookers. In these training sessions we will share basic business skills and provide cooking techniques.”

Speaking at the launch during his keynote address the Minister of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development Immanuel Ngatjizeko congratulated Namib Poultry Industries for initiating the training development programme in 2013 to share business skills and knowledge with the informal business segment, thus ensuring its sustainable growth.

He said the training facility will be a gateway to develop and promote entrepreneurial skills to informal business owners, entrepreneurs and kapana vendors.


  1. I am a previously disadvantage lady who intends to start up with a poultry project within my region and would like to find out what type of training you have for upcoming entrepreneurs please.
    I am interested in starting up with the layers for now, whereby I can keep up to 500 layers for now and increase with time when demand persist.

    Do you offer any training and at what cost please.
    Thanks and regards


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