Watch and wait till it starts to rain food from the sky


Folks, I’m not on your case, I’m on ‘our’ case. For I believe hard work is the only investable solution to our great land than just complaining and doing nothing, demanding executive jobs and doing nothing, nothing?

What do you expect to harvest when you plough nothing, kapana? I must admit that the energy around us young people of wanting to be billionaires is there but theory is not enough than the actual cultivation. We all want to be better people in society who can put a dollar on all that we want, salivating to get our spirits carried by Air Namibia to luxury holiday destinations, driving that car (that car), yes dreaming is good but wait until you wake up ( … yawning).

A reminder to all parents, charity begins at home not in the neighbourhood, just as Tata Nelson Mandela said: “Children are our greatest treasure. They are our future,’’ so let’s take care of our future, if you do just that the next generation will be better people, and according to the good culture of Namibians as per African culture, we are very loving and caring and yes very hard working, so where are we getting this lazy syndrome from? Friends, let’s close our eyes and really open our hearts and let the oxygenated blood flow.

As we cultivate our wealth let’s keep in mind that health comes first then wealth, so let’s exercise regularly, physically and mentally, and read every day.

Most successful people say reading is very essential for one’s success, it helps you think properly and also helps one at making informed decisions (not ‘I think so’ decisions; read!) and also maybe reading helps you think ‘categorically’.

Our aim (the poor) is to work hard so that tomorrow we can also eat bread and butter. In my view, those that say our poor families are the reason why we remain poor, I rebuke that in the name of getting rich. In fact that should be our driving force to success, ‘because I grew up not eating bread’ that should be our song when we answer to those that want to know why we are developing.

To those that are there (rich), please keep the momentum, use your money wisely because if you come back ‘hierso’ (here) you won’t survive, just help us join you, we also want to brush our teeth with fresh milk and yogurt.
For next year (new year resolution) I have decided for all of us young people (don’t ask me who am I to decide for you), we will all work hard, finish and klaar, but don’t ask me how and don’t call me, I will call you.

To those that refuse to stand up and really push the best out of self, you know what; watch and wait until it starts to rain biltong in Okahandja.
• Liswani Sinvula


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