Anti-corruption campaigner ‘needs a mental check-up’



The CEO of the Kalkrand Village Council (KVC) Seth Boois says outspoken resident James Hansen needs to see a doctor to evaluate his mental state.

This comes after Hansen opened a criminal case against Boois for allegedly hitting him with a brick on December 2.
Boois however denies the claims saying Hansen is a known troublemaker and regularly harassed and molested council members and workers of KVC before, which at some point prompted the council to seek a restraining order against him.

An irritated Boois stated that he had opened a case against Hansen before the allegations, adding that Hansen’s state of mind is not at a satisfactory level.

“That guy is not 100 percent okay in the head. I opened a case against him because he is the one harassing us,” he said.

Famous for his long walk with a wooden cross from Kalkrand to Windhoek in protest against alleged rampant corruption at Kalkrand Village Council (KVC), Hansen now claims he is being targeted for speaking out against the perceived corruption.

Hansen narrated in a telephonic interview that on December 2 as he was walking home two vehicles stopped next to him. Boois who was alone in a Toyota Legend 45 got out with a brick in his hand and hit him, he charges.
“He opened the door of the car and beat me on the left jaw with a brick,” he said.

An angry Boois then allegedly got back in his car, swore at Hansen in Afrikaans and threatened him saying ‘I will kill you,’ according to the complainant.

Hansen further claims that two police officers of the Kalkrand police station sat idle in a police Toyota sedan and observed him being harassed and assaulted.

“The police car was two metres away but none of the police officers got out,” he said.
Hansen further told this reporter that shortly after the incident the police arrested him, without him having any knowledge of what crime he had committed, adding that while he was at the charge office Boois came in and showed him his middle finger warning him, ‘You don’t play with me.’

Hansen alleges that during his first appearance a letter accompanying his docket alleged to be from the Kalkrand station commander Warrant Officer Alion Haraseb, requested the state prosecutor to send Hansen for mental observation.

“The letter was written by the station commander asking the court to take me to a mental institution, but he should be the one that should be sent for mental observation, not me,” he stated.

Kalkrand station commander, Warrant Officer Alion Haraseb declined to comment, saying that only the regional commander can speak to the media.

The Hardap regional commander, Commissioner Andries van der Byl confirmed that he was aware of the case but could not shed more light as investigations were at a premature stage.

He said there are no independent witnesses that can prove Hansen’s story and that makes the case difficult.
“That case is very complicated and still under investigation,” he said.
Hansen is currently out on N$500 bail.


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