82 learners investigated for cheating



The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture is investigating 82 learners suspected of cheating during their external exams in October and November this year.

The Director of National Examinations and Assessment, Cavin Nyambe, on Wedensday confirmed the investigation. He said the learners “might have had some form of assistance in mathematics, physical science and keyboard and word processing”.

“Their answer scripts are suspicious. They might have received some assistance during the exams. Their answer scripts were scratched out and then rewritten,” he said.
He declined to name the schools or regions where the learners are from but said they are from three different schools.

“We can’t reveal the names of the schools and their regions as we are still investigating.

“If we reveal the regions and schools’ names then it will jeopardize our investigations because those schools would prepare before we go there if they found out now. But they say you are innocent until proven guilty.”
Nyambe said the suspected candidates’ results would only be released once the investigations were done and it was proven that there was no wrongdoing.

On of the chief markers who preferred anonymity said that when the exam scripts were being marked it was observed that some students especially from the Khomas Region had the same answers.

“These students gave the same answers word for word, whether they were wrong or right. They all wrote the same answers as if there was a teacher telling them what exactly to write down. They had the same sentences, so we became suspicious and alerted the directorate of national examinations,” he said.

Further, the chief marker said they observed that most of the suspects are Angolan nationals “who often pay teachers for qualifications as they don’t communicate well in English”.

He also revealed that the same students showed the same tendency of leaving certain questions unanswered in their scripts.

Examination leaks are not new to Namibia and occur yearly either in Grade 10 or 12 and even at university where lecturers leak papers to students.

Last year alone three boxes containing Grade 10 exam papers vanished into thin air while being transported to Eenhana at the back of a pick-up with a canopy, to be stored at the education directorate’s offices.

Papers stolen included English papers one and two, geography papers one and two and a life science question paper.
Meanwhile, last month a handful of University of Namibia (Unam) students were left fuming after they discovered at the last minute that they would not be able to sit for one of their Faculty of Economics and Management Science modules following allegations that the question papers had been leaked.

Over the years, Unam management has constantly been declaring some key modules during exams as null and void, following allegations that certain exam papers had been leaked.


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