NDP fails to woo voters



Despite fielding candidates for Bukalo Village Council and Katima Mulilo Town Council the National Democratic Party (NDP) was dealt another severe blow during the recent elections.

NDP president Martin Lukato Lukato says his party – which has lately become the laughing stock of Namibian politics – fielded ten candidates in Bukalo and 12 in Katima Mulilo Town Council in the recent regional and local authority elections. Swapo scooped all five seats in Bukalo and six in Katima Mulilo, with the remaining seat taken by the DTA of Namibia.

The NDP also did not make much headway in last year’s presidential and parliamentary elections. The NDP president is, however, undeterred and optimistic that the journey has not ended for one of Namibia’s worst performing minority parties, claiming he has about 50 000 loyal supporters. “We are moving forward and there is no chance we are ever going backward,” Lukato said.

He also mentioned that his party had they had the strongest campaign this year, although he was seen addressing rallies unaided, with the biggest rally in Bukalo reportedly attended by only four people. “We had the strongest campaign. We campaigned door-to-door. We even campaigned in the streets and had star rallies. We were not four as was reported by your paper. We were about 50 and we even got 52 new members,” said Lukato. He claimed his rallies could not always be fully attended, as his party serves “the hungry and poor Namibians”, who can apparently not afford transport to NDP rallies. “NDP serves the poor people who do not benefit from this country’s resources. They are hungry. How can they even go around when they are starving?” asked Lukato.

At a Swapo Party rally in Ongwediva just prior to the elections Minister of Justice Albert Kawana cast doubt over the legitimacy of the NDP. Kawana asked why they could not attract masses of people to their rallies.
“What party is that, which cannot even attract its own candidates to their rallies?” he asked.


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