Nampa should avoid becoming irrelevant – Simataa



Government announced the new board of the national news agency, the Namibian Press Agency (Nampa), in Windhoek yesterday, urging the new board members to ensure that the agency remains up to speed with the digital world.

Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) Stanley Simataa appointed the five members, who will serve on the Nampa board for the next five years.

The new board will be chaired by Rector Mutelo, who is joined on the board by Florence Auala, Brain Eiseb, Christian Maketo and Erenstine Tuneeko. Eiseb and Maketo were absent during the welcoming ceremony held at the ministry’s headquarters yesterday.

Two board members, Tuneeko and Maketo, are reappointments while the rest are new to the board. Simataa explained that the two were retained to maintain some form of continuity.

Simataa said it is the prerogative of board members to select a vice-chairperson from among themselves: “We brought in new members so that we can broaden the scope of the board’s representation and also to eliminate the likelihood of any conflict of interest. The new appointments were also made to ensure that other Namibians are not denied the opportunity… to serve on boards.”

He called on the board members to ensure that the agency disseminates news timeously, factually and accurately, and urged the press agency to keep up with the dynamic and fast-changing digital environment in the news industry.
“No one is interested in stale news. You need to strive to be in tandem with the digital environment. If you fail to do that you risk becoming irrelevant,” he said.


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