Namibian karatekas return with grades from CT



History was made in karate in Namibia when a trio of local karatekas underwent a difficult test in Cape Town last weekend in pursuit of advancement in the newly established and first ever karate-style Shuto Ryu, better known as Ryushin Kan Karate-Do.

The trio went through an extensive four-day training session that lasted six hours daily at Hon Dojo in Cape Town, under the watchful eye of Africa’s chief Ryushi Kan Karate-Do instructor Kyoshi Elias Jacobs.

The session started on Saturday and saw Lüderitz-based Sensei Bonnie Kabozu awarded the Nidan belt, while Sensei Felix Mutau (Rosh Pinah) entered his new rank with the (Shodan) black belt, with another Buchter, Sensei Terell Boer, also claiming a black belt.

According to Sensei Kabozu, the Ryushi Kan Karate-Do is popularly known in Africa as one of the styles that has produced champions from various countries such as Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana and South Africa.


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