Councillor condemns attack on doctor



Windhoek East Constituency Councillor Joyce Nangula Namuhuja has strongly condemned the vicious and unwarranted physical attack on medical practitioner Dr Johnnie van Tonder who last week while riding his bicycle was stabbed by an unknown man.

A local daily newspaper said that while Van Tonder, a resident of Windhoek East Constituency, was cycling on one of the main roads on a farm a well-dressed man approached him and signaled him to stop. The man allegedly demanded his watch and cellphone and then brutally attacked him with a knife.

Namuhuja said Van Tonder is known for his friendly demeanour to people of all races and creeds.
“Attacks of this nature, aimed at destroying the peace we enjoy in our beautiful country, should be condemned by all people of goodwill and I call on the Namibian Police Force to bring this yet unidentified assailant to the public’s knowledge as soon as possible,” said Namuhuja.

She stated that such attacks not only destroy the peace and harmony the country is enjoying and the freedom of movement of citizens, but also scares away tourists and investors to Namibia, which according to her is indeed a “gem worth investing in”.

The councillor urged law enforcement officers to ensure adequate patrol in areas of relaxation in and around the city.
She also urged residents to enforce and strengthen their neighbourhood watch system, so that they keep criminals within sight at all times particularly during the upcoming holiday season.

She further said the office of the regional councillor would ensure that leaflets on safety tips are distributed to all residents of Windhoek East Constituency with all the appropriate emergency contact numbers of response units.


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