Oshikoto police ready for the festive season



The police in Oshikoto have expressed readiness to curb crime during the festive season.
Chief Inspector Stephan Nuuyi of the Community Affairs Department of the police in Oshikoto said the region launched a festive season campaign to aid existing campaigns to fight crime in the region.

“We launched an operation in November and together with the existing operations we will continue to administer roadblocks and police patrols in towns and villages,” said Nuuyi.
Nuuyi made the revelations during a telephonic interview yesterday.

In addition, Nuuyi said the force in Oshikoto will have a high percentage of its members on duty and they will be deployed around the region.
“We have a low percentage of members on holiday, so we have enough members on the ground,” stated Nuuyi.
Similarly, Nuuyi said police officers from the regional commander’s office would also be deployed in the remote areas such as Okankolo, Onyuulaye, Onanke, among others, to assist police officers who are in those areas.


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