Main part of treason trial finally over



Last week on Wednesday signalled the final act of the main part of the longest running trial in Namibian legal history when Judge Hoff granted 12 state witnesses indemnity from prosecution for their part in the Caprivi treason.
The witnesses were warned before the start of their testimonies that they could be charged with high treason if they did not give frank and honest answers to questions in court.

While their testimonies received some criticism, Hoff said he was satisfied they did the best they could under the circumstances.
He said it was a very long and intricate case and the witnesses were questioned by various legal representatives on things that happened a long time ago.

As such, the judge stated, one could not expect perfection.
He then discharged Luwate Oscar Simbulu, Michael Maswabi Nuwe, Alfred Kapulo Kapulo, Oliver Munyandi Mbulunga, Christopher Lifasi Siboli, Bernard Bareka Kanzeka, Nosco Liswaniso Chombo, Hamlet Kachibolewa Muzwakwi, Walter Mwezi Sikochi, Mukushi Events Kaine, Jimmy Siswaniso Siswaniso and Avelino Musole.
The judge also declared the exhibits used during the trial including witchcraft material, vehicles used to transport the rebels, firearms, ammunition and uniforms worn by the rebels as forfeited to the State.

He also declared Alfred Matengu, Richard Mundia, Geoffrey Mwilima, Thadius Ndala, Charles Mainga and Richard Mundia unfit to possess a firearm for three years after their release from custody.

This could not be the end of the saga however as all legal representatives indicated they received instructions to appeal in the Supreme Court both the convictions and sentences.

But first they have to overcome the hurdle of applying to Hoff for leave to appeal.
Should they fail to be granted leave to appeal, they have one more option open to them and that is to petition the chief justice directly.


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