GRN drivers should adhere to traffic rules



The police in Oshikoto have observed with great concern that there are motorists who speed in government vehicles and claim to be in a hurry for “national duties” when stopped by traffic officers.

Oshikoto police regional community affairs officer Chief Inspector Stephan Nuuyi said there is a tendency among motorists using government vehicles not to adhere to traffic rules – particularly on the legal speed limit.
Once caught with speed traps, Nuuyi said, they often go to the courts and falsely justify that they were in a hurry for national duties, so that their fines can be reduced or thrown out of court.
He noted that there are unruly government drivers, who drive through police roadblocks refusing to be checked by officials.

“Government cars are driving too fast. They are not excluded from receiving fines. They too can get fines for violating traffic rules. These government motorists should not ignore roadblocks. They should also adhere to the traffic rules like any other motorist,” Nuuyi cautioned.

As part of his festive season message, Nuuyi said motorist should stick to the speed limit of 120 km per hour. “People should not aim to complete their journey fast. Rushing will not give you a good destination, it gives you trouble. Every motorist must think about their lives and others,” he cautioned.

Farmers residing along the Tsumeb/Otavi, Tsumeb/Grootfontein, Tsumeb/Oshivelo/Ondangwa and Tsumeb/Tsintsabis/Mpungu main roads are advised not to allow their animals to graze along the said roads. They pose a danger to motorists, as cattle and donkeys cause accidents which may result in the loss of life.
Owners of water pipes that pass through or under the roads are also urged to ensure that their pipes are not leaking, because they attract animals to the road.

He said the police stand ready to assist veterinary officials at roadblocks with the outbreak of foot and mouth disease in the Northern Communal Areas. “Foot and mouth disease is still there. Therefore, the operation of spraying tyre cars and stepping on a chemical wet mat is still ongoing. People must not get tired of these measures. The police are just there to control and maintain law and order, but some people get angry with us. We can only do away with the disease collectively. People must cooperate with the police and veterinary officials,” he pleaded.

To avoid long queues at Oshivelo checkpoint, Nuuyi advised people to make use of alternative routes. Equally, he advised motorists travelling from north to south to use the road from King Nehale lya Mpingana that passes through Namutoni to Mokuti Lodge and then Tsumeb without passing through the congested Oshivelo route.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry also appealed for cooperation from the travelling public during the festive season to abide by the inspection, search and disinfection requirements at veterinary cordon gates.
The ministry urged travellers to use the main gates at Oshivelo, Mururani, Werda, Palmweg, Anderson, Otjivasandu, Kamdescha, Palmfontein and Tsintsabis, where the number of veterinary officials has been increased to expedite the decontamination of vehicle tyres and footwear, searching of vehicles for prohibited potentially infectious materials, in order to minimise delays.


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