Drama at NIPAM as Diescho is denied entry


Police officers guarding the Namibian Institute for Public Administration and Management (NIPAM) had to call for reinforcement to prevent sacked executive director, Professor Joseph Diescho, from entering the building this morning.

New Era understands that Diescho showed up at NIPAM offices this morning – a week after it was announced that he and the institute have parted ways – and wanted to gain entry to his office.

Junior police officers at the cite then called police chief, Lieutenant-General Sebastian Ndeitunga, for advice on how to handle Diescho’s request. Ndeitunga confirmed to New Era that he called NIPAM governing council chairman George Simataa on whether Diescho should be granted entry, to which Simataa responded in the negative.

Ndeitunga confirmed dispatching senior officials to the site to talk Diescho out of his plans to enter the office. Diescho understood the advice and left the premises, Ndeitunga said.

Ndeitunga confirmed that the NIPAM premises have always been guarded by the police, and that the presence of officers at the premises was not specifically to deal with Diescho.

Police cordoned off Diescho’s parking space at NIPAM today, to prevent him from parking his vehicle there. It is not clear what Diescho wanted from his office



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