Councillors survive horrific crash



Two newly elected councillors, who assumed office in the Kavango East Regional Council recently, nearly lost their lives on Sunday when the Toyota Fortuner they were travelling in was involved in a head-on collision with a double-cab bakkie that reportedly overtook two vehicles in a row.

The accident occurred at Sikondo village in Kavango West Region, 10 km west of Rundu on the Rundu-Nkurenkuru road on Sunday afternoon and the two councillors, Eugene Likuwa of Ndiyona Constituency and Phillip Mavara of Mashare Constituency, were immediately rushed to the Rundu State Hospital.

They were only discharged yesterday after being hospitalised for cautionary observation. They are both said to be in a stable condition, having suffered only minor injuries.

“We were on our way to Tsumeb where we were going to have a three-day induction workshop with all the councillors. We were both discharged today, I have an injury on my left leg and left finger, but I’m fine. Eugene Likuwa only had scratches on his right arm and complained of chest pain,” said Mavara, the new councillor for Mashare Constituency in Kavango East.

“The guys who crashed into our car are still in the hospital, as their condition is worse. They are in a critical condition,” Mavara further said. According to witnesses, the white double-cab overtook two cars and rammed into the oncoming Toyota Fortuner, which was headed in the direction of Nkurenkuru enroute to Tsumeb, where the councillors were going to attend the induction workshop.

The Toyota Fortuner was being driven by Councillor Likuwa of Ndiyona Constituency, while Mashare Constituency Councillor Mavara was his passenger.


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