Thank your piepolo


Entertainers should learn to cement relationships. This year, 2015, was that one where you got endless gigs. Every second weekend you had a gig. Your bank account swelled to alarming rates because you had fans who bought your work. You had endorsements, which came as a result of your popularity with a targeted market. You won awards. You had listeners that called in everyday to request for your songs on the radio. Your video views throughout the year had good numbers.

Did you ever stop to say “Thank you”. And no, Facebook post does not count. Why doesn’t it count? Because I may not be on Facebook. If I am on Facebook, perhaps I am not a friend of yours on Facebook. Maybe I just don’t like pages on Facebook. I said many times this year that Entertainers depend too much on Facebook to bring across the message.

There are other media that you would have to start considering if you want to STAY a relevant national brand. Such as print and broadcasting media. Will you lose sleep if you could place an advert in the New Era thanking every single company, organisation and single persons that booked you throughout the year? Will you lose a limp, if you’d book an interview or even an advert on TV and radio thanking every single sponsor BY Name and fans by large for their continued trust and faith in your brand?

Would it kill you to book an electronic advert on a billboard thanking your staff? Thank and appreciate the factors that made you a success this year. As much as it will perhaps break your bank account, it will cement a relationship. In business, a relationship is GOLD! But if you just came…did your performance and left without thanking your audience and the promoter that brought you there…you would’ve missed out on an opportunity of consumer retention.

Might sound like big words…but big words that you would need to do research on…grasp their concept and apply it. Next year, when the same promoters would sit around the table for the same event you performed at the previous year…the question of you coming back will always surface. They will evaluate whether you gave it your all on the day of the event…or perhaps you were a diva about this and that and most importantly, did you continue the relationship.

Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM


Song of the week: Bertholdt: Never let you go

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