Man kills his mother, daughter, dog and chicken



A 24-year-old man brutally murdered his own biological mother and eight-month-old daughter in cold blood on Wednesday night by beating them to death with an iron rod.

Before the man killed his mother and child, he reportedly started behaving strangely at their homestead at Onambango village near Ondangwa. He started chasing their dog and killed it with an iron rod. He then killed their chicken with the same rod, before turning on his mother.

The shocking incident happened at around 22h30 on Wednesday. The suspect’s mother was known as 58-year-old Suama Matheus Kanime and the murdered baby was identified as Suama Joel.
The suspect was arrested shortly afterwards and is due to appear at Ondangwa Magistrate’s Court on Monday, as the police have yet to charge him and obtain witness statements.

According to Namibian police spokesperson Slogan Matheus, the 24-year-old arrived at this mother’s house from Lüderitz four days prior to committing the double murder. He then invited his girlfriend – with whom he has an eight-month-old daughter – to come visit him earlier this week (two days before the incident).

“On Wednesday, his mother noticed the strange behaviour of her son and took him to the hospital, wherefrom they returned at around 21h00. He continued behaving violently and first hit and killed their dog with an iron. He thereafter hit and killed a chicken.

“The suspect’s mother then requested to be given the eight-month-old baby (her grandchild) to carry on her back, because of the suspect’s behaviour,” Matheus said.

The suspect then turned to his mother and hit her with the heavy iron rod, killing her instantly. As the woman had the baby on her back, the killer then turned on his own daughter, bludgeoning the child with the same iron and in the process brutally killing her on the spot, the police said.

Inspector Matheus said several other family members, mostly children and the suspect’s girlfriend, managed to escape the attacker by fleeing into a nearby mahangu field.


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