Donkerhoek elderlies treated



Young ones shared a health slot on diabetes and high blood pressure advising the elders on the symptoms and they measured their blood pressure. They also explained to the elders how important it is to keep fit and demonstrated to them how they should go about being fit. After all the activities they served them food that they prepared for them and handed over to them Christmas hampers.

This was during an early Christmas lunch for the elders of the Donkerhoek community (Katutura) on Saturday at the Katutura East Constituency Office hosted by the Donkerhoek Social Club. The Club was established by the young people of the Donkerhoek neighborhoods to enhance their community. Alex Shimuafeni, Chairperson of the Donkerhoek Social Club, said they hosted the lunch mainly to treat their elders to a Christmas in advance as well as give them a small present for Christmas and to share with them information about the Club’s existence and doings.

“Everything we do is geared towards improving the social wellbeing of our people, particularly the elderly and the youth.  Fostering friendships and establishing a solid network is equally important as we aim to provide opportunities that will make a positive lasting impact,” said Shimuafeni.


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