David wants to address housing in Moses Garoëb



The re-elected Councillor of Moses Garoëb Constituency Martin David says he will push for as many locations as possible to be demarcated within the area in the next five years.

Currently, residential land is being demarcated in Moses Garoëb to get rid of informal structures. “About 2 000 erven are almost complete with the demarcation process,” David said.

“I want to do away with these silver houses (shacks) in our constituency,” he added. He also wants each demarcated plot to be provided with water and electricity.

David admits that servicing land is a challenge for the Moses Garoëb Constituency, primarily because of the costs. Nevertheless, it is a priority on his list, he said.

“It is expensive for people to have sewerage lines [installed] on their plots, but we have forwarded a plan to the City of Windhoek because people need that sanitation service. Also, some people have to walk for about 500 to 600 metres to fetch water.”

In addition, David said there are plans in motion to build an additional health facility, police station and three schools in the area. He also plans to address gender-based violence and the problem of HIV, which are said to be rife in his constituency.

The rapid influx of rural migrants is also a factor. “The constituency is one of the most populated, because people arrive from rural areas daily and settle there with minimal restrictions,” David noted. There are around 45 500 currently living people in Moses Garoëb Constituency.

Asked about past achievements, David said he is proud that the Women and Men Network community policing initiative was established in the Moses Garoëb Constituency in the Khomas Region before it was replicated in other constituencies.


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