Ushona told to stop being a crybaby



One of Namibia’s most promising boxing trainers, Imms Moses, has launched a scathing attack on former stable mate Betuel ‘Tyson’ Ushona in the aftermath of the latter’s defeat at the hands of Sacky ‘Izinyoka’ Shikukutu last Saturday.

Ushona has been complaining bitterly, claiming he was robbed of victory that saw him relinquish his precious International Boxing Organization (IBO) Africa Welterweight title to his compatriot.

A veteran of 38 bouts, accompanied by 34 wins, 3 defeats and 1 draw prior to Saturday’s fight – Ushona was left furious and a frustrated man after two of the judges gave Shikukutu the nod – thus winning on a split decision.
However, the dethroned champion is having none of that and crying foul as he vehemently believes he had done enough to retain his belt. Ushona further claims he has been a victim of dubious split decisions in all his previous losses (3).

Nonetheless, Moses describes Ushona’s uncharacteristic antics as pure sour grapes if not childish, telling the aggrieved boxer in no uncertain terms to stop moaning and get back to basics.

“He (Tyson) did not fight at all, the only thing he did was try to stay clear of his opponent. He kept backtracking and appeared scared of Sacky, and I really don’t blame him for that because had he opened up, Izinyoka would have knocked him out,” charged Moses.

Moses, a protégé of the popular Nestor ‘Sunshine’ Tobias Boxing and Fitness Academy, added that Ushona is more than welcome to file a request for a rematch if he so wishes.

“Boxers must realize they can’t expect to win bouts if they are not physically involved in the real business, that’s to box (fight), not run away from your opponent. The ultimate objective of boxing is to accumulate more points than your opponent but how are you going to garner enough points if you don’t unleash enough accurate punches?”



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