Kavango East welcomes new councillors



Councillors for the six constituencies in Kavango East Region were sworn in on Friday at the regional council’s auditorium in Rundu.

John Thighuru, who was sworn in as Mukwe Constituency councillor, was also elected to serve as the chairperson of Kavango East Regional Council. Ndiyona Constituency councillor Eugune Likuwa will be a member of the management committee, together with Mashare Constituency councillor Phillip Mavara.

Victoria Kauma, who was sworn in as Rundu Urban Constituency councillor, will represent the Kavango East Regional Council in the National Council, together with Ndonga Linena Constituency councillor Petrus Kavhura and Michael Shikongo, who retained his position as Rundu Rural Constituency councillor. All six councillors are from Swapo.

The regional council won’t have ordinary council members, as they are just six and have filled up all available positions.

At Rundu Town Council Verna Sinimbo was sworn in as the new mayor of Rundu, deputised by Ralf Ihemba Annastasia Foya, who was sworn in as the chairperson of the Rundu Town Council management committee, while former deputy prime minister Marco Hausiku’s wife, Toini Hausiku, as well as Kandingu Isack were sworn in as members of the management committee. APP candidate Mathews Wakudumo together with Rundu Concerned Citizens Association (RCCA) candidate Reginald Ndara will serve as ordinary members in the council.

The first Divundu Village Council will have Joseph Dinyando as the chairperson of the village council, with Josephine Maghambayi as the vice-chairperson. Fulgensia Mukerenge and Christof Kupembona will be members of the Divundu Village Council management committee, while APP candidate Frans Mwamo will serve as an ordinary member of the council.

Swapo coordinator for Kavango East Region Merceline Kahare has urged regional and local authority councillors to work together with their communities to achieve development in their respective constituencies and towns. She said councillors should work with the people who have voted them into power and not forget them.
“It’s good to work with people and also to listen to them, as by listening to them they will tell the councillors the challenges the community is facing in their various areas and what they need to be addressed in their areas.
Collectively they will be progressive as the community can also advise on how to achieve certain developmental goals,” Kahare said.

Kahare said councillors have been elected to work for the people and cautioned that they should not forget the voters: “The voters voted for you, because they believe you will best respond to their needs in their areas, or constituencies, so work with them and do a good job.”


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