Kariseb condemns tribalism, regionalism



Re-elected chairperson of Omaheke Regional Council Ignatius Kariseb has urged fellow councillors to fight against tribalism, regionalism and all other negative “isms” that cause destruction and division in the region.
Kariseb, who is also a constituency councillor, made the remarks during a swearing-in ceremony for seven newly elected Omaheke regional councillors in Gobabis recently.

“In order to embrace our diverse cultures, I would like us honourable members, to foster a mutual relationship of cooperation between ourselves to march together towards a common goal to be a united, wealthy and sustainable region.”

Kariseb also urged both the political and administrative arms to work tirelessly and to go the extra mile to serve the people, to implement and to deliver. “Let us think outside the box to do things effectively and efficiently,” he said.
Furthermore, Kariseb said, in terms of infrastructure development government availed funds for the construction of roads in the Omaheke Region overthe past five years. He said these roads include the 156km Gobabis-Otjinene road that has been upgraded to bitumen, the 80km road between Otjinene and Okondjatu, that is currently being upgraded to bitumen, of which 60km are already accessible to traffic.

The 180km Gobabis-Aminuis road is also currently being upgraded to bitumen road, but at this stage only 20km are open for use.

Moreover, he said the re-graveling of three public roads was also completed, refering to the roads at Onderombapa-Corridor 13, Onderombapa-Aminuis and Dr Fischer-Corridor 1.

Amongst other notable achievements of the regional council, Kariseb highlighted the roll-out of programmes aimed at improving residents’ standard of living and reducing poverty. Such programmes include the micro finance scheme, the food/cash for work programme, support to local farmers and the drought relief programme. Projects in the health sector include the construction of, amongst others, the Buitepos Clinic, as well as mortuaries at Epukiro Pos 3 and Leonardville.


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