Hano to branch out to Botswana, Kenya



To continue helping the youth help themselves in Africa, the Hano Youth Foundation is opening branches in two African countries other than Namibia, where it has been founded.

Hano national chairperson Nokii Kaapehi says they will open an office in Botswana and Kenya, because during their network survey people in these countries showed a high level of interest in Hano. Kaapehi said the BHYF office is expected to open next year February, while the KHYF will open in March.

It is Hano’s expressed aim to network and link to other countries. Botswana Hano Youth Foundation (BHYF) will be registered as a welfare organisation and the same applies to Kenya Hano Youth Foundation (KHYF). “We will share the same ideology, but they will each have a separate management body,” says Kaapehi.

Both offices are expected to serve the youth in those countries by visiting schools for motivational speeches and holding career fairs. They must have a sport department with a soccer and netball team and must network with other countries, as this helps to strengthen the link to other countries. They will also help educate the youth on health issues and must help orphans and vulnerable children.

Hano was established in 2010 to uplift the youth in Namibia, to combat crime and fight against HIV and Aids. The Foundation is registered with the Ministry of Youth and Sport and National Service and Ministry of Health and Social Services, and is a member of the Namibia Networks of Aids Service Organisations (NANASO), Khomas Regional Youth Forum and the Khomas Regional Aids Coordinating Committee (RACOC).

As part of its poverty alleviation campaign Hano started two gardens; one at Okatjoruu and the other at Okozonduzu, called Ondjuhua Fruit & Veggies Garden Community Project. These gardens were initiated to create jobs for the youth and to provide communities with nutritious food, particularly those living with HIV/Aids.

Before the introduction free primary education Hano was also responsible for paying the school fees of 40 vulnerable kids and orphans, but has continued supporting these children with basic necessities.


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