‘Be servants of the people’



The recently sworn-in councillor of the Ongwediva Constituency Andreas Uutoni has appealed to fellow councillors to focus their energy on burning issues such as land delivery and economic development. He also warned against infighting for positions.

He advised councillors to focus on ensuring they deliver services to the people and implement capital projects in their areas.

“Let us unite and allow positive criticism, agree to disagree and take informed decisions because we will be held accountable for failure to deliver projects,” advised Uutoni.
“Be servants of the people and I urge councillors to study the system and refrain from singing that it is ‘business as usual’.”

Uutoni appealed to fellow councillors to remember what they promised during the election campaign.
He reminded himself and others that they are sitting in their positions as leaders through the powers bestowed upon them by the voters.

“The campaign spirit should remain with us. The fact that you are here is not because of your effort or your determination, but through the people who have voted for you,” said Uutoni.
Uutoni appealed to the incoming councillors of the Ongwediva Town Council to closely study the vision and mission of the council and diligently attend council meeting.

“Do not waste time, it is time to deliver,” said Uutoni.
Uutoni has served as a link between Ongwediva Town Council and the community since 1999.


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