Shimbulu: ‘I will address land issue’



Re-elected mayor of Oshakati Town Council Katrina Shimbulu has promised to address land vigorously and accelerate the process of land delivery and registration.

“The Ministry of Urban and Rural Development, Ministry of Land Reform, and Ministry of Justice must work together to fast-track the process of acquiring properties,” said Shimbulu.
She made the promise when she was sworn in as mayor of Oshakati on Friday.

Shimbulu previously served as mayor from 2007 to 2010 and further served as deputy mayor and as an ordinary member of council.

Shimbulu will be deputized by Ndamononghenda Hamunjela.
Gabriel Kamwanka, Johannes Shilongo and Angelus Iiyambo will serve on the management committee. Loise Shivolo and Linus Tobias from the DTA will serve as ordinary councillors.
The other six councillors are from Swapo Party.

Also on Shimbulu’s agenda is to devise strategies to meet the central government halfway in eradicating poverty by making sure that Oshakati attracts investment and employment opportunities.
Shimbulu plans to further industrialize Oshakati by boosting investment in manufacturing.

“Investments, particularly manufacturing plants, would be our priority. We want to be an industrialized town. Therefore I am urging all of us (staff members) to double our efforts for economic development of our beautiful town,” said Shimbulu.

At Ongwediva, the former mayor Jason Asino was demoted to deputy mayor, while his deputy Angelina Angula was promoted to mayor. Naemi Amuthenu, Malakia Petrus and Ulalia Katonyala will serve on the management committee.

Johannes Shitundeni, who is a new councilor, and Maria Kavalela will serve as ordinary councillors.
New mayor at Ongwediva, Angelina Angula, requested the sworn-in councillors to be God fearing.
Angula said the council would fully implement the Swapo manifesto and address challenges of land and oxidation ponds which are of great concern in Ongwediva.

Angula also proposed Mondays and Tuesdays be left open for the resident’s advice council for suggestions and complaints.

“We will strengthen ties with the Ongwediva community and tie with the Ongwediva Constituency to serve the whole Ongwediva to ensure that no one is left out,” said Angula.


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